Why Colocate at all?

Maintaining a fully compliant, secure and reliable data center requires a large investment of money and manpower that many small to medium sized business would stretch to keep up with. Colocating your servers to a local data center gives your business all of the benefits of a world-class infrastructure hosting venue with none of the downsides of building, staffing and managing a data center.

Why Colocate with Digital Agent?

Digital Agent is prepared to design and manage your applications and irreplaceable data in a private cloud that is owned by you, not some third party. Our data center is designed to protect your intellectual assets, give you peace of mind, and free up your internal network. Digital Agent is located right down the street in Atlanta, GA and is fully equipped to take critical information resources off your hands.

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Digital Agent’s Standard in Colocation

Our colocation data center was designed and built by Digital Agent, so we know that it is compliant and able to safeguard your systems and data from both physical and cyber threats. We don’t resell racks at one of those football field data centers, and yet our facility boasts power and network redundancies as well as fire and environmental controls. Our turnkey solutions make it simple to secure your hardware and data. In fact, Digital Agent guarantees 99.999% uptime - that's five minutes of downtime annually. And that's the worst-case scenario. Our expert engineers will let you rest assured that your files are secured and readily available when you need them.

Colocation service in Digital Agent’s Data Center includes:

  • Open racks
  • Private cabinets
  • 24x7x365 key card access / video surveillance system
  • UPS & generator protected AC & DC power
  • HVAC Environmental controls
  • Chemical fire suppression
  • Redundant SONET fiber connectivity

Colocation Data Center