Managed Ethernet

Businesses all over the country are switching to fiber, and Digital Agent has them covered. Digital Agent can leverage the infrastructure of the big box provider while providing the customized customer experience that local businesses require. With 99.999% uptime, Digital Agent Managed Ethernet is crushing service level agreement (SLA) goals and providing a seamless fiber internet experience for our customers.

Other Internet Options

Digital Agent T1

We provide and manage our own T1 and Ethernet circuits. That equates to more consistent, reliable bandwidth and the best control of traffic for important services like voice or hosted applications. Owning the facilities that make this possible is not the cheapest way to provide circuits, but in some cases, it is the best way. Let one of our engineers help you decide.

Digital Agent Managed Coax

Great for a small office and an excellent redundant circuit, Coaxial Cable connections offer great download speed at a low price point. Digital Agent has strong partnerships with multiple cable providers. That puts us at the head of the support queue on your behalf, so you won’t spend hours on hold with the cable company. With proprietary equipment to maximize reliability, we will get you the absolute most from this affordable shared connection.

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