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Digital Agent, LLC is a facilities based Certified Local Telephone Provider in Georgia since 2001. Discover why selecting a vendor that is both a Phone System provider and a Phone Service provider will save you time, money and headache! See more about the Digital Agent Advantage.

Set Your Phone System Free

Do you feel like you aren’t being heard by other voice providers? Digital Agent understands that voice solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. Maybe you’re just starting up. Maybe you’re upgrading. Maybe you want to minimize upfront costs. Perhaps you want flexible work-from-home solutions. Whatever your priorities are, we’ll tailor the right voice solution for your business.

Hosted Voice

Digital Agent’s Hosted Voice is all about ease and flexibility. Hosted Voice provides the latest enterprise phone features without the upfront costs or unpredictable maintenance that accompany owning a phone server. Hosted phone service is a great option for a start-up office, a small office, or a business with multiple remotes users. We handle everything, from installation and training to software updates, moves, adds and changes. 24/7/365 Support comes standard.

Broadsoft Hosted Voice

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Premise-Based Voice

As flexible as Hosted Voice is, owning a phone server does carry its own advantages. The monthly, annual and long-term costs of owning a phone system are lower for most companies compared with Hosted Voice.

Digium Switchvox phone systems integrate with multiple software packages including:

  • Outlook
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Salesforce

Additionally, some features like individual conference bridges, internal secure chat messaging and call-recording are just easier to deliver and more reliable when you own the physical server.

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Business Phone Provider

When Digital Agent made the decision to partner with a phone system manufacturer, Digium Switchvox was the obvious choice. Their mix of cutting-edge features, useful software integrations and affordable pricing structure on a remarkably stable platform makes Digium the phone system we wholeheartedly endorse with our customers. Since we’re a Digium Premier Partner, we provide that 24/7/365 Support on these systems as well.

Need some guidance? We’re happy to help you choose the phone platform that best matches your priorities.

Get a sneak peek at some of the Digium Products below:

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