Elevate your business

Business Phone

Do you feel like you aren’t being heard by other voice providers? Digital Agent understands that voice solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Business Internet

Digital Agent is a Web-slinging hero. You'll never have to think about your Internet connection again. With a range of bandwidth options, you'll have what you need, when you need it - all backed with real-time system monitoring to ensure uptime.

IT Helpdesk

Your IT resources are mission-critical. It's hard to find a trusted partner to manage them. Digital Agent's nano-engineers will free you to focus on growing your business.

Colocation / Data Center

We know it's hard to trust someone enough to host your information resources offsite. But co-location with Digital Agent will actually give you peace of mind, free up your internal network, save you time, and save you money.


The web is the Wild West of the digital age and it's full of villains ready to attack your network. You need to be protected. That's why Digital Agent has the strongest intrusion detection, firewall management, Virtual Private Network solutions, anti-spam techniques and data protection services available.

Cloud Service

Digital Agent will help you design and manage your own server cloud where data stays protected and owned by you, not some third party.

We Provide Options

Digital Agent manages the whole voice, data, and IT experience. Our customers have the benefit of calling one provider for all questions and needs. This also allows Digital Agent to deliver customized products and services.

However your company uses the internet, Digital Agent has a product with the right mix of speed, reliability and price. With Fiber, Managed Coax, and T1 services all in our portfolio, Digital Agent can help you decide what will work best for your business.

We are a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), meaning we provide our own network and switching. This is a tremendous advantage to the customer as it allows Digital Agent to monitor and troubleshoot phone traffic from our onsite data center. Our reliability is not at the mercy of a third party. The buck stops here.

We not only provide your dial tone, we can provide your whole phone system; onsite or hosted, based on what you need. Digital Agent can help you decide which phone system will work best for your office, as well as install and support that system.

We provide full-service IT Support. Everything from hardware, to remote desktop support, to onsite project work. Whatever your IT needs, Digital Agent can handle it: FINRA, HIPAA, GLBA, CFPB, NERC CIP v5... You name it. We've got you covered and in total regulatory compliance.

Digital Agent Team