Elevate your business

Business Phone

Do you feel like you aren’t being heard by other voice providers? Digital Agent understands that voice solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Business Internet

Digital Agent is a Web-slinging hero. You'll never have to think about your Internet connection again. With a range of bandwidth options, you'll have what you need, when you need it - all backed with real-time system monitoring to ensure uptime.

IT Helpdesk

Your IT resources are mission-critical. It's hard to find a trusted partner to manage them. Digital Agent's nano-engineers will free you to focus on growing your business.

Colocation / Data Center

We know it's hard to trust someone enough to host your information resources offsite. But co-location with Digital Agent will actually give you peace of mind, free up your internal network, save you time, and save you money.


The web is the Wild West of the digital age and it's full of villains ready to attack your network. You need to be protected. That's why Digital Agent has the strongest intrusion detection, firewall management, Virtual Private Network solutions, anti-spam techniques and data protection services available.

Cloud Service

Digital Agent will help you design and manage your own server cloud where data stays protected and owned by you, not some third party.

why choose us

Atlanta's finest team serving the entire nation's needs

One Throat to Choke

Digital Agent is unique because we are the only Atlanta-based provider capable of delivering 100% of a company’s voice, data, network and IT services. Do away with finger pointing from multiple technology providers.

We Are Experts

Geeks at heart, Digital Agent is comprised of a melting pot of wonderful faces from beautiful places. Our engineer to sales ratio is one of the best in the industry! Learn more about what makes us thrive!

Office IT Infrastructure

We Provide Options

Digital Agent understands that Phone, Internet, and IT solutions are not cookie-cutter. We look at each customer’s priorities and provide customized game plans. Let us walk you through the different options available for your growing business.

Atlanta Based

Digital Agent is big enough to provide all the voice, data, networking and computer tech support your business needs, yet small enough to know each of our customers by name. Digital Agent is modeled like a family-run business with a commitment to customer care, personalized service and attention to detail.